Executive Conversation Starters™

Initiate Conversations with Senior Executives and Understand Their Needs

What are Executive Conversation Starters™?

PSI’s Executive Conversation Starters™ are online, mobile-enabled tools that help your professionals initiate conversations with senior executives and position your organization’s services and solutions in the context of the executive’s needs.

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Customized For You

Each Executive Conversation Starter™ is customized for your audience and organization and provides information on industry executives, including:

  • An overview of the executive (roles and responsibilities, KPIs and challenges)
  • Questions to initiate conversations
  • Clues to listen for linkages to potential opportunities
  • Services and solutions (specific to your organization) to position with the executive

An Example of Our Work

Client Goal: 

Prepare consultants and sales professionals for conversations with industry executives (e.g., Chief Information Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Risk Officer).

PSI Solution:

Created a mobile solution to allow consultants/sales professionals in the field to access custom Conversation Starters. The Conversation Starters included multiple executives’ roles and responsibilities, questions to initiate conversations, clues to listen for and opportunities for improvement that link to the client’s solutions.  PSI’s client was so pleased that they added additional Conversation Starters covering multiple industries.

PSI’s Executive Conversation Starters™ are mobile-enabled, so they can be accessed from any device, anywhere, anytime.

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