Solution Sales Training

Help Your Team Understand Your Clients and the Industries They Serve

For your professionals to effectively sell your company’s solutions, they need to understand your solution within the context of a particular client and that client’s industry.

PSI Solution Sales Training consists of individual, custom courses that provide detailed product and industry knowledge related to your offerings. Each course focuses on the industry needs driving demand for your products and services, creating an applied learning program that is interactive and engaging.

PSI has worked with multiple solution and technology providers to create effective Solution Sales Training using multiple delivery formats, including eLearning, webinars, instructor-led training and more.

An Example of Our Work

Client Goal: 

A large tech firm wanted to develop product/solution training for its sales professionals and partners on various products.

PSI Solution:

We used our deep industry knowledge and years of eLearning experience to develop interactive eLearning courses that incorporated gamification, avatars and assessments. The content taught learners how to present the solution and value proposition, articulate the solution’s unique characteristics and handle objections.

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