Consulting and Accounting Professionals

For professional consultants to give expert advice to businesses and organizations, they must be well-informed and knowledgeable about the aspects of each industry. Opportunities for professional consultants are growing as more companies are seeking their field experience and specialized skills they have to offer. Our professional development tools provide resources to strengthen your team’s competitive advantage by diving deeper into the inner workings of these major industries to gain greater knowledge, understanding, and expertise. We tailor our services to your specific needs, providing insight so your professionals can recommend strategic actions and clearly defined plans to their clients. 

By understanding the client’s business, strategy, and competitive environment, your professionals will be able to better communicate with your client’s by effectively:

  • Identify new sales and consulting opportunities
  • Engage with senior client executives
  • Position the value of your solutions and services

Our goal is to provide your team with the resources to effectively engage their clients through an understanding of these relevant industry factors. We offer comprehensive business and financial acumen tools to help your consulting teams achieve their desired professional development goals:

  • Assessment programs to direct you towards the best development path for both your professionals and your organization 
  • Business strategy simulations use an interactive experience to give your professionals an inside look into running an industry
  • Hot Industry Topic (HIT) webinars created from our vast curriculum content and advanced structural design for an engaging delivery of industry information
  • Performance support tools that offer on-demand information designed to facilitate business-focused conversation, advanced account planning, and confidence in closing deals
  • Industry wikis that use a comprehensive and accessible database for extensive and relevant industry information for the financial services, healthcare and life sciences, insurance, and technology, media, and telecommunications industries

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