Financial Services Professionals

The financial services industry is one of the largest in the world and is growing at a significant rate. Professionals who serve this highly competitive industry must be knowledgeable of its wide and diverse landscape and the many subsectors that are involved. PSI offers a number of programs and tools related to the financial services industry. 

Our business strategy simulations are interactive tools that provide your financial services professionals with an inside experience in a banking environment. By stepping into an executive role, they will create and execute business strategies, make decisions for various business units, and evaluate the impact their decisions had on the bank’s bottom-line profitability.

For a comprehensive database on financial services industries, our industry wikis are comprehensive and easy to navigate tools where your professionals can learn industry products and services, terminology, important players, customer needs, business processes, and information technology systems. Our Inside Financial Services Wiki encompasses the banking, capital markets, and investment management segments of the financial services industry. We also have an Inside Insurance Wiki, which encompasses the P&C, life, investment management, and reinsurance segments of the global insurance industry.  

Our financial services tools are proven to develop the skills and expertise of your professionals and broaden their industry knowledge.

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