Our Talented Team

PSI’s unique industry focus allows us to attract and retain a team of highly experienced professionals and network associates that understand your business. We align our resources with your project needs to ensure we meet your goals. Check out our talented team of full-time professionals.

Jill Gualtieri

I have spent over 25 years working in performance improvement and instructional design, helping clients to improve their performance through business-focused solutions. In my role as Chief Learning Officer for PSI, I am responsible for overseeing our learning strategy and ensuring our solutions align with the current needs of learners.

Chris Lawton

I have spent nearly 25 years in the training consulting business serving professional services firms, financial institutions and technology organizations. My main responsibilities include working with clients to provide specialized industry-focused solutions to improve professionals’ business, financial and industry-specific knowledge and skills.

Howard Stein

I have been involved in industry training, sales performance programs and research for over 30 years. My current responsibilities include new business development and working with clients to define and achieve their industry-related performance objectives and positioning PSI as an Industry Performance Partner for my client’s teams.

David Tompkins

I have been involved in industry training and consulting for over 25 years. My current responsibilities include the development, delivery and on-going management of PSI’s training programs and sales enablement services.

Our Clients

We love helping our clients achieve their goals and work with a broad range of organizations, including consulting and accounting firms, solution providers and in-industry organizations. 

Our Commitment

At PSI, we love what we do, whether it’s helping our clients achieve their goals or supporting our community by assisting charitable organizations. So, each year we donate a portion of our profits on behalf of our employees, partners and clients.