Our Team

PSI’s unique industry focus allows us to attract and retain a team of highly experienced professionals and network associates that understand your business. We align our resources with your project needs to ensure we meet your goals.

Chris Lawton

Client Relationship Executive and CFO

I have spent 30+ years in the consulting business serving financial institutions, professional services firms and technology organizations. I am proud of my demonstrated history of educating professionals about specialized industries and building their business and financial acumen so that they can improve their performance, strategic thinking and leadership skills.

Jill Gualtieri

Chief Learning Officer

I have spent my career creating effective and engaging training and performance improvement to achieve my clients’ goals. In my work, I combine my ability to understand what drives human performance and behavior with my knowledge of instructional design, technology and performance to deliver effective and creative solutions for my clients.

Howard Stein

Client Relationship Executive

I have been involved in industry training, sales performance programs and research for over 30 years. My current responsibilities include new business development and working with clients to define and achieve their industry-related performance objectives and positioning PSI as an Industry Performance Partner for my client’s teams.

David Tompkins

Chief Content Officer

I have been involved in industry training and consulting for over 30 years. My current responsibilities include the development, delivery and on-going management of PSI’s training programs and sales enablement services.

Kathleen Frasetto

Senior Project Manager

My 20+ year career includes various leadership roles working directly in or focused on the Financial Services Industry, including driving process improvement, managing strategic projects and technologies and supporting key client initiatives. This includes managing multi-faceted projects by developing content plans, functional specifications, technical documentation and detailed implementation roadmaps that ensure seamless solutions align to business priorities and client needs.