Financial Acumen Education

PSI’s approach to building financial acumen ensures your professionals “speak the language of your business” and provide insight into the lines of business they support.

Your professionals don’t have to be a financial whiz to add value, but they do need financial acumen. Financial acumen helps build a solid understanding of what drives a company’s profits and expenses and how key financial metrics are used to:

  • Understand the financial goals of your company
  • Recognize why management is taking certain actions and what needs to improve
  • Determine how to help your company make more money, save more money and improve those key metrics management is tracking

Our financial acumen solutions include:

Understanding Your Company’s Financials

PSI’s Understanding Your Company’s Financials course is customized specifically for your organization and provides your professionals with a solid understanding of your organization’s financial performance and overall financial strategy.

The program leverages an engaging microsimulation that focuses on how common activities within your organization link to the income statement and balance sheet.

Understanding Your Company’s Business

PSI’s Understanding Your Company’s Business is completely centered on your organization and your professionals. It supports the onboarding of new hires so that they can better support your company’s:

  • Strategy
  • Lines of business
  • Customers
  • Products and services

Financial Acumen Assessment Programs

Assessment programs provide a starting place to define the needs of the organization and the audience. PSI offers various assessments, developed to be a measurable tool to direct the learner towards the program best suited for them.  

With our needs assessment, we identify gaps in the learner’s knowledge and skills, and what tools are needed to close these gaps.  

With our pre-assessments, we aim to determine an individual’s current strengths and weaknesses to recommend a learning path that meets their needs. 

With our post-assessments, we can validate an individual’s satisfactory completion of a course or curriculum.  

With our programmed assessments, we provide prescribed learning tracks based on an individual’s assessment score to spur further development.

Business Acumen for Client-Facing Professionals

Our business acumen programs for client-facing professionals assist your consulting, sales, and sales support teams in better understanding their clients. Our business acumen solutions focus on your client’s:

  • Mission, strategy, and major business segments
  • Customers, products and services, delivery channels, and financial performance
  • Competitive environments
  • Individual business segments, financial contributions, strategies, and challenges and opportunities 

By understanding your client’s business, strategy, and the impacting factors, your team can align their focus to areas of opportunity for client accounts based on the client’s business focus.

Business Acumen for Support Professionals

Our business acumen programs for support professionals assist your team in understanding your business and strategy, for greater insight into the line of business they support. Our business acumen solutions focus on your organization’s:

  • Mission, strategy, and major business segments
  • Customers, products and services, delivery channels, and financial performance
  • Competitive environments
  • Individual business segments, financial contributions, strategies, and challenges and opportunities

Business Strategy Simulations

Our business strategy simulations are an interactive way for your professionals to gain inside experience in a banking environment, make executive decisions in the role of a CFO, and compete against each other in a classroom setting – all while learning more about the business. 

We offer three banking simulations: an executive banking simulation, a community banking simulation, and customs simulations based on your objectives. Learn more about what these simulations have to offer on our Business Strategy Simulations page (link).

Financial Acumen for Sales and Consulting Professionals

Finance is the language of business, and each industry has its own dialect. Our programs are focused on each industry’s unique drivers and metrics, lines of business, and executive perspectives to ensure your professionals are fluent in every situation. 

Financial acumen is the ability to understand and apply financial information. With this program, we provide your professionals with financial insights to identify new sales and consulting opportunities, engage with client executives, and position the value of your services to your clients in a way that reflects the needs of the industry.  

To develop the financial acumen of your professionals, we offer:

  • Using Financials™  programs that provide skills for pursuing new sales opportunities and initiating financial conversations with senior client executives
  • FAST™  support tools for account planning to help sales teams leverage financial information on their accounts
  • Positioning the Value™ programs to provide skills to effectively present the financial value of your solutions and services


Financial Acumen for Support Professionals

Our financial acumen programs for support professionals provide the knowledge and skills to understand how every decision financially impacts your business. Our Understanding Financials course is customized to include:

  • Sources of publicly available information about your organization
  • Discussions regarding components of your financial reports
  • Detailed explanations of line items, the structure, and purpose of your income statement and balance sheet
  • Connections between your financial results and your business strategy  

To gain insight into your organization, our Business Financial Acumen program is designed to reflect the financial metrics specific to your industry and organization. Insight into the metrics include:

  • Definitions of important financial ratios and performance metrics applicable to your organization’s activities
  • Comparisons of these important financial ratios and performance metrics to measure your financial performance relative to competitors
  • Skill development to remain current in your organization’s financial results and progress

Hot Industry Topics Webinars

At PSI, we utilize our knowledge of the industries, vast curriculum content, and advanced structural design and development capabilities to produce Hot Industry Topics (HIT) webinars. These interactive webinars range in focus from significant industry events to recent trends within an industry. We tailor these HIT webinars to your specific requirements in an engaging delivery and facilitated in live or recorded formats.

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