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PSI’s wikis include Industry Executive Profiles that your sales, consulting and in-industry professionals can use to prepare for meetings with key executives across various industries. Profiles include role/responsibilities, KPIs the executive tracks and recommended sales opportunities.

PSI’s two-step approach to building industry competency combines the industry wikis with our eLearning modules to build industry acumen and expertise. The Inside the Industry® Wikis are easy-to-use support tools that provide just-in-time industry information to help keep abreast of the industry. They can be used after completing PSI’s Inside the Industry® eLearning Curriculums or as standalone tools to stay up-to-date on industry information.

Take a look at how PSI’s wikis can help your professionals build industry competency.

Industries We Serve

Industry Wikis

PSI’s Inside the Industry® Wikis deliver the tools and knowledge needed to speak the language of industry and think like a ‘C’ level executive for the following industries:

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PSI’s industry wikis give your professionals unlimited access to relevant industry information quickly:

  • Develop industry expertise by quickly searching topics, linking information and drilling down to gain more in-depth knowledge across various industry subjects.
  • Prepare for executive meetings by building knowledge around industry executive roles, their responsibilities and their KPIs.
  • Build credibility by improving your industry IQ around the industry’s lines of business, products and services, channels, regulations and more.
  • Stay up-to-date by having access to industry trends, challenges and key issues that are continuously updated by seasoned industry experts.

Today’s executives expect your professionals to understand their business challenges, operations, key performance indicators (KPIs), technology needs and opportunities.

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Our Wikis:

Inside Financial Services® Wiki

The Inside Financial Services® Wiki encompasses the banking, capital markets and investment management segments of the financial services industry.

Inside Health Care and Life Sciences® Wiki

The Inside Health Care and Life Sciences® Wiki encompasses detailed information on health care providers, payers and plans and also includes life sciences, biopharma and medical technology companies. Other participants include governments, not-for-profit organizations, consumer technology companies, group purchasing organizations, life sciences services companies and distributors.

Inside Technology, Media and Telecommunications® Wiki

The Inside Technology, Media and Telecommunications® Wiki encompasses the technology, communication service providers (CSPs) and media entertainment sectors and the various companies that make up these areas.

Inside Insurance® Wiki

The Inside Insurance® Wiki encompasses the general (P&C), life, investment management and reinsurance segments of the global insurance industry.

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