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Speaking the language of industry and thinking like a “C”-level industry executive are critical skills for delivering maximum value and ensuring success. Knowledge of current issues and trends, industry dynamics and executive perspectives establish credibility and drive business-oriented conversations. PSI’s multi-industry services and solutions allow your professionals to step Inside the Industry®, improving their ability to provide insightful and targeted solutions to business executives.

At PSI, we understand the unique environments and challenges of specialized industries, as well as the needs of today’s professionals. Our 20+ years of industry expertise and instructional design capabilities provide you with a partner that knows your business and perspective — a partner that can deliver relevant and actionable performance solutions.

Take a look at the industries we support.

Financial Services

Digital disruption, fintech challengers, Covid-19, pressure on profitability, regulatory burdens and risk management concerns are just some of the challenges facing financial institutions today. PSI’s solutions ensure you understand these challenges and elevate your industry insight to deliver the edge you need to engage in the financial services industry effectively.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Covid-19, rising health care costs, increasing consumerization and advances in science and technology are forcing significant changes in the health care and life sciences industry (HCLS). Biopharma companies, medtech companies, health care providers and health care payers are all under tremendous pressure to improve efficiency and identify new sources of revenue. PSI’s solutions improve your understanding of these challenges and help build industry insight to ensure you deliver value to this dynamic industry.

Technology, Media, & Telecommunications

Innovation is transforming products and services, customer experiences, business models and market dynamics throughout the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) industry. To deliver value, you must understand this exciting, complex and important industry. PSI’s solutions can deliver that edge by providing the TMT industry insight needed to be successful.


The insurance industry is complex and dynamic. Insurance companies today face a challenging environment, including intense competition, digital disruption and emerging risks. PSI’s solutions give you the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the insurance industry.

Manufacturing and Additional Industries

PSI has developed close partnerships in manufacturing, oil and gas, retail and consumer goods to help you meet all your industry needs.