PSI builds industry competency, insight, and expertise to help your organization achieve its goals

We develop industry and business IQ to ensure the success of consultants, sellers, accountants and in-industry professionals
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Speak the Language of Industry

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Strategically Position your Solutions

From on-boarding new hires to challenging your most experienced employees, PSI’s solutions improve your professionals’ impact and success.


Consultants and Accounting Professionals

Build industry IQ to engage with key executives, identify opportunities and risks and provide strategic consultative solutions. 


Technology Sales and Support Professionals

Develop industry expertise to engage with C-level executives, uncover new opportunities, position your solutions’ value, and generate revenue faster.


In-Industry Professionals

Expand business and financial acumen specific to your organization’s strategy to drive value and deliver insights that improve business performance.

Source: Learner evaluations from PSI’s Inside the Industry® Curriculum (2016-2019)

PSI can partner with you to create custom learning solutions, simulations and support tools to take your professionals to the next level.

You’ll love our approach to industry training

PSI delivers continuous industry education solutions that build industry competency (beyond a simple primer). Our Inside the Industry® Curriculums offer short courses that target the most important industry topics and trends. Our Inside the Industry® Wikis support the curriculums by providing the ability to “drill-down” and self-direct learning in response to specific areas of need. The Inside the Industry® Wikis deliver just-in-time, continuous industry knowledge that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Build the foundation, the access specific industry knowledge when needed. 

Serving clients since 2000

Who We Are

PSI develops world-class industry learning, performance support and sales enablement solutions in the Financial Services, Insurance, Health Care, Technology, Media and Telecommunications industries and more to enhance performance and maximize success.

What We Do

We combine industry expertise and instructional design principles to deliver client-focused solutions that include off-the-shelf industry training, custom training solutions, business simulations, just-in-time support tools, podcasts, microlearning, and more.

Why Work With Us

Our client work with us because of our 20+ years of experience we have in target industries and our understanding of the challenges your professionals face and the solutions we deliver.  Clients continue to work with us because of our client-centric approach, and the impact our solutions have on their organization. 

Example of Our Work

Check out our latest microlearn explainer video that provides an overview of 5G