eLearning Industry Curriculums

Whether serving external clients or working internally to support your organization, everyone plays the role of a consultant. To give yourself a competitive edge, you need to upskill your industry knowledge to create strategic differentiation.

PSI’s Inside the Industry® eLearning curriculums deliver the core industry knowledge and insight needed to interact with executives and decision-makers more effectively.

PSI’s approach to industry learning delivers a one-two punch that sets our solutions apart from other industry training providers. Our two-step approach to building industry competency combines eLearning modules with industry wikis to create industry expertise. The Inside the Industry® eLearning Curriculums build industry fundamentals (step one) through short, focused learning modules, while linking to the Inside the Industry® Wikis (step two) to provide additional details on key topics. The Wiki can also be used after the eLearning is complete, to support continuous industry learning.

Over 500,000 learners have already benefited from our Inside the Industry® eLearning curriculums. PSI’s eLearning curriculums provide a comprehensive, cost-effective and proven approach for…

Learning the industry

…by building industry foundational knowledge in products and services, technologies shaping the industry, how organizations make money and more

Knowing your clients

…by learning about industry participants and key executive decision-makers, including their roles and responsibilities and how they measure success for their institutions.

Identifying pain points

…by recognizing industry trends, business and financial drivers and challenges facing the industry, then using this information to identify opportunities to pursue.

Building expertise

…by providing continuous learning through the curriculums with ongoing knowledge support through the wikis.


Each course takes about 50 minutes to complete, is NASBA accredited for CPE credit and focuses on a different segment of the industry.

Throughout the courses, there are links to PSI’s Inside the Industry® Wikis. The Wikis provide additional, up-to-date, detailed industry information and content not included in each course. The Wiki can be used as a just-in-time industry resource to help keep abreast of the industry after completing the eLearning courses.

PSI’s Inside the Industry® eLearning Curriculums give you the tools and knowledge you need to speak the language of industry and think like a CEO for the following industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Health Care and Life Sciences
  • Technology, Media and Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing and additional industries

We also cover manufacturing (and multiple sub-industries), oil and gas and retail and consumer goods through partner curriculums.

Learning Bursts

A learning burst is PSI’s version of microlearning, a great way to deliver information on current and fast-changing topics. Each learning burst is a short (5-10 minutes) and focused learning tool to provide you with critical information on important topics – like digital disruption.  

We use a variety of mediums to provide learning bursts that meet your needs in a budget-friendly way. We can develop:

  • Interactive Videos – check out a video we created on 5G!
  • Podcasts
  • eLearning
  • Aminations – see what our animators can do!
  • Blogs
  • And more . . .

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