Build In-Depth Knowledge, Insight and Insurance Industry Acumen

PSI delivers the skills, insight and knowledge for your professionals to be successful in the insurance industry.

The insurance industry is complex and dynamic. Insurance companies today face a challenging environment, including intense competition, digital disruption and emerging risks. PSI’s solutions give your professionals the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the insurance industry.

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Inside Insurance® eLearning Curriculum

PSI’s Inside Insurance® curriculum provides insurance industry knowledge through five self-directed eLearning courses.

Courses are designed for today’s busy learners and are fast-paced, organized in short learning bursts (using interactive videos, games and exercises) and NASBA certified.

See how our Inside the Industry® eLearning curriculums allow your professionals to step inside the insurance industry by building customer knowledge, identifying pain points and building expertise.

Inside Insurance® Industry Wiki

PSI’s Inside Insurance® Wiki is a game-changing, just-in-time information tool that encourages continuous learning by providing quick access to accurate and detailed insurance industry information from any device, anywhere, at any time.

The wiki is ideal for researching industry topics, prepping for executive meetings, building credibility and staying up-to-date on industry trends.

See how our industry wikis can help build in-depth insurance industry acumen.

Understanding Your Financials

PSI’s Understanding Your Financials program builds financial acumen specific to your organization, connects individual decisions to the bottom line and improves your professionals’ strategic decision-making.

Taught in a virtual or instructor-led environment, this customized course uses simulations to challenge perspectives and improve strategic knowledge of your bank.

Take a look at our Financial Acumen offerings to learn more.

Understanding Your Company’s Strategy

PSI’s Understanding Your Company’s Strategy program builds an understanding of your organization, including strategy, business segments, competitors, current challenges facing the organization and more.

Taught in a virtual or instructor-led environment, this customized course improves decision-making and promotes strategic thinking.

Take a look at our Business Acumen offerings to learn more.

Insurance Executive Conversation Starters™

PSI’s Executive Conversation Starters™ are just-in-time support tools that elevate the level of conversation with insurance industry executives by providing questions to initiate conversations and prompts to position solutions strategically, differentiating your offerings from the competition.

Executive Conversation Starters™ are mobile-enabled, so they can be accessed from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Take a look at our Executive Conversation Starters™ to learn more.

Learning Bursts

PSI offers multiple microlearning solutions that deliver learning in short bursts of information (5-10 minutes) to meet your needs and budgetary parameters.

Whether it’s animated shorts, podcasts, instructional videos, Infobases, etc., PSI has the insurance industry knowledge and instructional design expertise to achieve your goals.

Custom Training and Facilitation

PSI designs custom learning experiences to help achieve your goals. Our unique blend of expertise in the insurance industry and instructional design experience ensures you have a partner who understands your business and your needs. From creating podcasts to designing and delivering entire learning curriculums, PSI has the capabilities to engage learners.

PSI instructors are seasoned industry experts that offer a unique combination of highly effective facilitation combined with in-depth insurance industry knowledge to ensure your next delivery is a success.

Check out our Custom Training and Facilitation services to see how we can build a learning solution to meet your needs.

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