Business Strategy Simulations

Improve Strategic Decision Making Across Your Organization

Immerse your future leaders and new hires in the day-to-day challenges experienced by senior executives.

We’ve been designing and developing simulations and microsimulations for over 20 years to help your professionals build the skills and capabilities they need to succeed. Our simulations are extremely powerful learning tools that can immerse your professionals in the day-to-day pressures of senior industry executives or allow them to practice skills needed to be effective on-the-job.

business strategy simulations

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Our Simulation Solutions

Executive Suite Banking Simulation

PSI’s off-the-shelf Executive Suite Banking Simulation™ gives your professionals the experience of running a bank through an interactive computer-based simulation. The simulation provides an intense and rigorous experience that allows your professionals to drive shareholder value by “walking in the shoes” of senior bank executives. PSI’s Executive Suite Banking Simulation™ provides your professionals with a hands-on opportunity to manage a large regional financial services (banking) institution. In this business simulation, your professionals will experience the challenges faced by senior executives within a regional bank, including:

  • Setting business strategy targeting customer segments, managing products and services and delivery channels
  • Managing risk, including credit, interest rate, liquidity and market risk
  • Aligning operations with business strategy (including technology improvements)
  • Building critical thinking skills by linking the impact their decisions have on their bank’s financial metrics
  • Evaluating the impact of competitors, the economy and risk on the bank’s success
Professionals that benefit from PSI’s Executive Suite Banking Simulation™ include new hires, future leaders, consultants, auditors, sales professionals and more. The simulation is delivered by PSI’s seasoned industry experts and can be delivered virtually or in-person.
Learn more about the Executive Suite Banking Simulation for:

Z Technology Companies and Professional Services Firms

Z Financial institutions

In addition, PSI’s simulation is NASBA certified for CPE credits and focuses on a host of topics, including current industry trends and issues and how to analyze bank profitability.

Custom Simulations and Microsimulations

PSI can work with you to design and develop custom simulations and microsimulations to meet your unique needs. Our custom simulation experience includes:

  • Virtual simulations
  • Computer-based simulations and workshops
  • Paper-based simulations and workshops
  • Scenario-based simulations
  • Sales simulations
  • Functional simulations
  • Process simulations

An Example of Our Work

Client Goal: 

A large financial institution wanted Finance professionals to understand how macro-economic factors impact their bank’s performance across all major lines of business. 

PSI Solution:

We used our in-depth industry knowledge and years of simulation experience to develop an exciting and competitive virtual simulation. PSI instructors have taught this successful simulation since 2016 and the client continues to love it!

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