Consulting and Accounting Firms

We Help Consulting and Account Firms Understand Their Clients in Key Industries so They can Engage with C-Level Executives

We work with four of the top five accounting and consulting firms, as well as other top global firms to educate their professionals on a variety of industry topics.

Consultants and accountants must know their clients’ industries to provide expert advice, carry-out audits, identify risks and deliver strategic solutions. PSI develops industry IQ along with business and financial acumen to help accounting and consulting professionals understand their clients’ industries and engage with senior executives.

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We also offer:

  • Microlearning and performance support to deepen industry and financial knowledge, so your professionals can be an expert source of insight for clients.
  • Targeted learning bursts that link your firm’s solutions to sales and consulting opportunities.

Check out our client list to learn more about some of the top consulting and accounting organizations we serve.

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