Financial Acumen Education

Build Your Professionals’ Ability to Speak the Language of Business and Finance

PSI’s approach to building financial acumen ensures your professionals “speak the language of your business” and provide insight into the lines of business they support.

Your professionals don’t have to be a financial whiz to add value, but they do need financial acumen. Financial acumen helps build a solid understanding of what drives a company’s profits and expenses and how key financial metrics are used to:

  • Understand the financial goals of your company
  • Recognize why management is taking certain actions and what needs to improve
  • Determine how to help your company make more money, save more money and improve those key metrics management is tracking

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Our Financial Acumen Solutions Include:

Understanding Your Company’s Financials

PSI’s Understanding Your Company’s Financials course is customized specifically for your organization and provides your professionals with a solid understanding of your organization’s financial performance and overall financial strategy.

The program is taught in a virtual or instructor-led environment and leverages an engaging microsimulation that focuses on how common activities within your organization link to the income statement and balance sheet.

Understanding Your Company’s Business

PSI’s Understanding Your Company’s Business course is completely centered on your organization and your professionals. It supports the onboarding of new hires so that they can better support your company’s:

  • Strategy
  • Lines of business
  • Customers 
  • Products and services

Taught in a virtual or instructor-led environment, this customized course improves your professionals’ decision-making and promotes strategic thinking.

An Example of Our Work

Client Goal: 

A top-five financial institution wanted to give new hires an understanding of the global bank’s go-to-market strategy, structure, customer needs and key products and services.

PSI Solution:

We used our in-depth industry knowledge and instructional design capabilities to develop an eLearning program using an interactive metaphor based on the Tour de France.

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