Inside the Industry® eLearning Curriculums – Course Outlines

PSI’s Inside the Industry® eLearning curriculums deliver the industry knowledge and insight needed to engage executives and decision-makers effectively.

Our curriculums give your professionals the tools and knowledge they need to upskill their industry knowledge.

Below are links to the Course Outlines for each PSI industry curriculum.

We also cover the following industries through our partner curriculums.

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Over 500,000 professionals have already benefited from our Inside the Industry® eLearning curriculums. 

PSI’s eLearning curriculums provide a comprehensive, cost-effective and proven approach for…

  • Learning the industry by building industry foundational knowledge in products and services, technologies shaping the industry, how organizations make money and more.
  • Knowing your clients by learning about industry participants and key executive decision-makers, including their roles and responsibilities, KPIs and how they measure their institution’s success.
  • Identifying pain points by recognizing industry trends, business and financial drivers and challenges facing the industry, then using this information to identify opportunities to pursue.
  • Building expertise by providing continuous learning through the curriculums with ongoing knowledge support through the wikis.

Each course takes about 50 minutes to complete, focuses on a different industry segment and is NASBA accredited for CPE credit.

Throughout the courses, there are links to PSI’s Inside the Industry® Wikis. The wikis provide additional, up-to-date, detailed industry information and content not included in each course. The wiki can be used as a just-in-time industry resource to help keep abreast of the industry after completing the eLearning courses.

PSI’s eLearning Curriculums are NASBA certified for CPE credits.

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