Build Your Organization’s Industry IQ

Training, Performance Support Tools, Sales Engagement and Custom Learning Solutions

For over 20 years, PSI has been helping organizations develop industry and business IQ to ensure the success of consultants, sellers, accountants and in-industry professionals.

We are the leading provider of industry training, performance support tools, sales enablement solutions and custom learning solutions that arm your professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment. Our industry training and support services encompass a commitment to excellence that drives our solutions and client interactions.

Everything we do at PSI is aimed at creating high-performing and engaged professionals that can speak the language of industry. Our services include industry-focused eLearning and wikis, financial acumen education, business strategy simulations, performance support, sales enablement and custom training services.

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eLearning Industry Curriculums

Our Inside the Industry® training curriculum offers consistent and self-directed solutions to educate professionals on specific industries connected with their business. 

Industry Wikis

Our industry wikis are comprehensive and accessible information repositories that are maintained by PSI’s industry experts. Our wikis give you access to information that will grow your expertise in the Financial Services, Insurance, Health Care and Life Sciences and Technology, Media and Telecommunications industries.

Financial Acumen Education

Our financial acumen programs provide professionals with the financial skills needed to “speak the language of your business” and provide insight into the lines of business they support.

Business Strategy Simulations

Our business strategy simulations immerse your future leaders and new hires in the day-to-day challenges experienced by senior executives. We’ve been designing and developing simulations and microsimulations for over 20 years to help your professionals build the skills and capabilities they need to succeed.

Executive Conversation Starters™

PSI’s Executive Conversation Starters™ are online, mobile-enabled tools that help your professionals initiate conversations with senior executives and position your organization’s services and solutions in the context of the executive’s needs.

Solution Sales Training

PSI Solution Sales Training consists of individual, custom courses that provide detailed product and industry knowledge related to your offerings. Each course focuses on the industry needs driving demand for your products and services, creating an applied learning program that is interactive and engaging.

Custom Training and Facilitation

PSI excels at working with you to create custom training and performance support solutions to meet your specific goals. Our instructional design and industry expertise allow us to identify relevant content and implement successful solutions that meet your audience’s unique objectives.

Performance Support Tools

Our performance support tools complement formal training and range from off-the-shelf solutions to customized solutions designed to improve performance while reducing the time it takes to learn about a topic.

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