Educate Sponsors – Technology Companies

To increase the visibility of PSI’s Inside the Industry® curriculums and wikis and justify budget expenditures, PSI recommends:

Highlighting Successes
Using Drip Marketing

Focus your efforts on line of business sponsors of the industry curriculums and wikis, including:

  • Decision-makers
  • Champions
  • Decision influencers

To measure the success of your initiatives, track the number of sponsors that reach out for more information/additional opportunities (in addition to any specific metrics your team identifies).

Highlighting Successes

Many strategies to promote the success of the training can be based on modifications to the initiatives discussed in the Employee Awareness Campaign.

Use email to:

  • Share testimonials and personal success stories resulting from learners’ improved industry knowledge after completing the curriculums in an email with a link.
  • Share highlights of any marketing initiatives and the collateral that was created to support the marketing efforts
  • Create short emails with important aspects of the curriculums and wikis (i.e., how it interacts with the wiki, key content covered)
  • Send quarterly and annual emails that provide data on the impact of the training:
    • Number of new enrollees during the period
    • Number of new completions during the period
    • Number of new badges (if applicable) issued during the period

Using Drip Marketing

As with the Employee Awareness Campaign, it’s essential to communicate regularly with the sponsors. To do that, we recommend spacing the marketing initiatives out over time. Perhaps emailing sponsors:

  • Monthly or quarterly
  • On releasing employee marketing initiatives, updates as the initiative processes and final results once it is complete.