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Internal Marketing Recommendations

Below are marketing strategies and tips to help you implement PSI’s Inside the Industry® curriculums and wikis to:

Increase Employee Awareness

Educate Sponsors

Downloadable Resources

PSI has developed the following resources to support your internal marketing initiatives (full list of available assets can be found below. To download the assets and use for your internal Marketing efforts, please go to the Downloadable Resources page

Why Is Industry Knowledge Important

Resources to help you explain the value of investing in industry knowledge to team members, decision-makers, etc.

  • Why is Industry Knowledge Important [VIDEO]
  • Slide Deck [PPT]
  • Sample emails [DOC]
  • How to Develop Success Stories [PDF]

Support Materials

Resources to help you explain the value of the curriculums and wikis and how they can be accessed.

  • Curriculum plus Wiki Demo [VIDEO]
  • Wiki Demo [VIDEO]
  • Inside the Industry® Curriculums Info Sheet [PDF]
  • Inside the Industry® Wikis Info Sheet [PDF]
  • Inside the Industry® Curriculums Overview [PDF]
  • Inside the Industry® Wikis Overview [PDF]
  • Inside the Industry® Curriculums Outlines [SITE LINK]