Initiating C-Level Conversations: PSI Client Example

One of the world’s largest consulting firms (a PSI client) approached us to help their partners and managers (customer-facing professionals) initiate and engage in conversations with C-level executives about industry-focused hot-topics that linked to their solutions.

Client’s Need

Our client wanted a solution that:

  • Supports customer-facing professionals across their firm with an easy-to-use application
  • Helps initiate C-level executive conversations on industry hot topics and provide follow-
    up ideas based on the customer’s response
  • Manages the message delivered to customers to ease the pressure on the handful of
    experts the firm has on each topic area
  • Links C-level conversations and responses to potential services offered by the firm

PSI’s Solution

Based on our client’s needs, we recommended customizing PSI’s Executive Conversation Starters™ tool to meet their unique goals. The client engaged PSI to develop custom Executive Conversation Starters for multiple industries that included highly focused, insightful questions that serve as “conversation starters” and help prepare their professionals for interactions with key executives.

PSI worked with our client to identify the most important industry topics to their practice and the C-level executives they target within a specific industry.

PSI’s industry expertise, experience with industry executives and wealth of content on hot topics ensured we built the Executive Conversation Starters to meet our client’s goals. The tool includes in-depth information on executive roles, responsibilities, KPIs and primary challenges, and questions to initiate conversations with the executive. It also includes clues to listen for and follow-up questions to help uncover other opportunities to recommend relevant services and solutions (based on our client’s capabilities).

Business Impact

The initial Executive Conversation Starters were so successful with sales and consulting professionals in the field that PSI’s client engaged us to develop additional Executive Conversation Starters across multiple executives and several industries.

Executive Conversations Made Easier

PSI’s industry-specific Executive Conversation Starters are digital, mobile-enabled tools customized to meet our client’s unique needs.

Each Executive Conversation Starter provides your professionals with background on key senior customer executives, including:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Primary challenges
  • Questions to initiate conversations with the executive
  • Clues to listen for
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Relevant services and solutions to recommend (based on
    our client’s capabilities)

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our Executive Conversation Starters.


About the Author

Chris Lawton, a founding partner at Performance Solutions International (PSI) has been providing training and consulting services to various industries and clients for the last 29 years (after a career in public accounting).

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