Onboarding New Hires Virtually

Recently, PSI had the pleasure of working with 80 newly hired banking Analysts during a virtual delivery of our Executive Suite Banking Simulation™. This was the fifth group of new hires we’ve trained remotely this year. As with the previous groups, these participants were smart, engaging, well-spoken, and impressive in so many ways. We loved working with them and wish them all the best in their careers.  

PSI’s simulation provides a hands-on opportunity to manage a bank and learn about the challenges faced by senior executives. To learn more about our Executive Suite Banking Simulation™, click here!

I’m struck by how different this year is for new hires as they learn to navigate a new organization, including meeting their peers, direct reports, and executives – all done remotely right from the start. Prior to 2020, new staff had opportunities to ease into an organization by meeting associates and executives in less formal settings and at organized events, providing them an opportunity for gradual assimilation into the culture.

Our clients are doing a great job overcoming the obstacles created by onboarding new hires virtually, but we all can do our part to lend a helping hand. I encourage you to think about the challenges new hires are experiencing, and then take a moment to consider how you can support them. Some of the effective methods we’ve seen are:

  • Sending them an email to say hello or check-in
  • Offering an opportunity to have a one-on-one call to answer their questions  
  • Setting up virtual meetings with key executives and colleagues
  • Scheduling a virtual coffee break or cocktail hour to “shoot the breeze” and get to know them personally  

By reaching out to new hires, you can have a significant impact on how successfully they integrate into the organization. By letting them know they can reach out to you when needed, you can help make them more comfortable during the transition. 

New hires are essential to an organization’s future, and at PSI we want to do our part to ensure their success. We’re always available to assist any newly onboarded staff we have worked with and welcome hearing from them. For our banking clients, we’re offering their new hires free access to our Inside Financial Services® Wiki to help them learn about the industry.

PSI is always willing to help support your new hires and your organization. Congrats to all of this year’s new hires!

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About the Author

Chris Lawton, a founding partner at Performance Solutions International (PSI) has been providing training and consulting services to various industries and clients for the last 29 years (after a career in public accounting).

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