Success Factors for Selling and Consulting Virtually

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Industry Learning

Knowing your customer has never been more critical than in today’s virtual environment. Even though some businesses and industries are planning to return to in-person meetings, virtual consulting and selling are here to stay. LinkedIn’s “State of Sales 2021: United States & Canada Edition” found that virtual selling is good for sellers, but it’s even better for buyers. In fact, the survey found that 50% of buyers say that working remotely has made the purchasing process easier.

The challenge now lies in seamlessly serving clients where and how they are doing business. Identifying where you can help is critical to your success and theirs.

To be successful, you need to be agile in an ever-shifting workplace. This means measuring outcomes differently, adding new technologies to support your sales and consulting professionals, and changing how you manage your remote workforce.

Are your professionals equipped to support clients virtually? According to the LinkedIn study, virtual sellers and consultants must:

  • Solve problems, not just sell products and services.
  • Delivery value by building long-term relationships that transcend the initial engagement.
  • Earn Trust by always acting in the client’s best interest.

To execute in a virtual environment, sellers and consultants need to improve their industry acumen. They have to possess a deep industry knowledge to help them better solve problems and put the customer’s needs first. We’ve worked with tens of thousands of sales and consulting professionals that support key industries. Our clients see improved client relationships when their professionals have the level of industry competency to engage executives in meaningful conversations.

Tools that help build industry knowledge are critical to your professional’s success in a virtual environment

Where are the opportunities?

While there are many challenges with selling remotely, it is also creating opportunities. If you want to be successful, you need to focus on where your clients will invest their precious capital during this challenging time.

These opportunities include:

  • Cloud computing, robotic process automation and outsourcing services to help reduce costs
  • Devices, collaboration/communication tools and analytics to support remote customer service
  • Cybersecurity services as organizations are at increased risk as they support remote workers and digitalize processes
  • Technology and services supporting digital channels

Staying current on these issues and connecting them to your offerings requires a deep understanding of your client’s industry and business. However, it is an investment of time and energy that will lead to long and mutually rewarding client relationships.

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